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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To touch a hundred million hearts

Our Mission

To enable customers celebrate their joyous occasions with the products they desire

To help our customers experience joy, pride and wellbeing

Lead in quality, service and innovation thereby fulfilling needs of our channel partners & customers

Core Values

  • Customer First:

    1. We will always help our customer by understanding his needs first and putting his requirements before ours
    2. All our products, policies and actions are centered on the client.
    3. We ensure that we are the *first call* for our clients.
    4. We will ensure that our customers get their value for money, respect and a personalized touch.

  • Integrity:

    1. We will strive to do what is right; even when no one is looking
    2. We will give the quality as promised to the customer
    3. We will keep our commitments made to vendors, team and customers.

  • Product Leadership:

    1. We deliver great products in terms of high quality and innovative designs and others look at us as trendsetters.
    2. We will take fast decisions and do fast actions. We will crush competition by making better products, aggressive promotions and best services.

  • Learning Organization:

    1. We ensure that we will explore and adopt the best technology in our segment.
    2. We invest time and resources to develop everyone in our team.

  • Mutual Respect:

    1. Mutual respect is the basis of our business. Our team members and vendors respect each other. We respect our clients and clients respect organization. We will not work with anyone without respect.